On the web there are many sites where you can learn about microorganisms from extreme environments and microbial diversity. Some might be both fun and informative. Please, find a couple of examples below.

Some fun illustrations and information on marine life including extremophiles.

Activities for kids and everybody with interest

Activity #1. Are you a good Scientist?

This is a very nice game were you can realize how much you know on scientific topics. It consists in a question-anwser game were you can learn and have a lot of fun playing in group with your friends or classmates or all by yourself if you wish so. Sorry but at this moment this game is only in Spanish (we will try to get an English version soon). Get involved in the adventure and visit the game by clicking here. The game is wonderful for both children and adults.

Activity #2.

Make your own deep-sea vent. Observe the simulation of a deep-sea hydrothermal vent proposed at this link.

Observe how the hot fluids coming out from the deep-sea form a plume and it ends diffusing into the surrounding water. This easy experiment will help to understand this phenomenon. In a similar way, both hyperthermophiles and chemicals coming from the Earth's interior are diseminated throughout our oceanic waters.

In the linked video, you can observe a real hydrothermal vent and also the sound produced at the vent. Compare and discuss on the distribution of chemicals and microorganisms released from these ventic sites.

As you can see kids around the world are also learning on hydrothermal vents and hypertermophiles

Some other students are going too far experimenting with black smokers!

Do not forget about interesting information on the Science of the smallest creatures:


Small things considered.



More activities soon.

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